Walking Beam Transfer

Key Benefits
  • Automatically transfer separate parts such as sheet metal blanks, tubes and roll-formed sections.

  • Seamless Transfer between press and secondary operations such as stacking, welding, continued stamping and part insertion

  • Increases reliability

  • Reduces material by allowing nested blanks

  • Reduces material by eliminating stretch carrier

  • Fuel Tank Straps

  • Hemmed parts

    • Heat Shields

    • Automotive floor covers

    • Parts requiring safe edges for handling

  • Tubes - Bending, trimming, flattening, or piercing

    • Frame Components

    • Trailer hitches

    • Seat Components

    • Braces

    • Dash supports

  • Improved product quality by drastically improved cut off condition eliminating sharp edge hazards

  • Minimizes hand transfers reducing the need for operators while increasing safety

  • Reduces complexity while increasing speed when compared to general-purpose robots

  • Improves speed and safety with a transfer specifically integrated into the die itself.

  • Able to transfer part into real-time inspection

  • Roll Form Sections - Piercing, reforming, and trimming

    • Door impact beams

    • Roof bows

    • Seat Components

    • Rocker and sill components

    • Window frames

  • Aluminum Extrusions

      • Tracks

      • Reinforcements

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