Walking Beam Transfer
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Transfer System


  • Mounted under the die this style uses no press bed space.
  • Works well with partial progressive dies.
Transfer System


  • This style mounts at the end of a progressive partial die for transferring into the last few stations.
  • Its location makes it easier to install and maintain.


Transfer System


  • Half of the mechanism is mounted on either end of the die.
  • This is beneficial when shut height is limited.


Walking Beam Tranfer Applications

  • Hemmed parts

    • Heat Shields
    • Automotive floor covers
    • Parts requiring safe edges for handling
  • Tubes - Bending, trimming, flattening, or piercing

    • Frame Components
    • Trailer hitches
    • Seat Components
    • Braces
    • Dash supports


  • Fuel Tank Straps
  • Roll Form Sections - Piercing, reforming, and trimming

    • Door impact beams
    • Roof bows
    • Seat Components
    • Rocker and sill components
    • Window frames
  • Aluminum Extrusions