F/R Mount 3 Axis Transfer

  • Electronic servo motor actuated. 

  • Full featured control with simple interface to other equipment.

  • Accurate and efficient ball screw x-axis motion.

  • Electronically slaved to a press or other master control.

  • Touchscreen graphical user interface.

  • User programmable inputs and outputs that employ many criteria in Boolean expressions. 

  • Fully user programmable moves within the physical constraints.

  • Progressive Partial Secondary Operations

  • Tubular Parts

  • Roll Formed Parts

  • Aluminum Extrusions

Advantages of Polar/Pivotally Actuated 3-Axis Stamping Press Transfer vs Cartesian/Orthogonal Actuated 3-Axis Stamping Press Transfer
  • Fewer components means less cost, less mass, better reliability, better visibility.

  • Less mass means more efficiency.

  • Innately large work envelope without additional mass.

  • Simple press mount interface is less intrusive of air, electric and hydraulic runs. 

  • Able to automatically park tucked up and out of the way when not needed.

  • Ready access to finger bar components with the push of a button.

Patent approval for DieBotics’ Elongated Support Pivotal Arm Robot, ESPAR, has been received from:

The United States numbers 10,233,033 B2 and 10,717,608 B2

Canada number 2,931,995

Korea numbers 10-2085929 and 10-2230090

Japan number 6783662 and European Patent Treaty countries. 

This technology is useful in walking beam transfers and process load/unload robots as well as full three axis incremental transfer systems such as useful in stamping press operations.