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Your business demands that you find partners who can keep you competitive.  DieBotics is the partner you can rely on to integrate automation and tools engineered specifically for your application. Our transfer systems will give you the competitive edge.
  • Transfers for stamping processes not conducive for progressive dies

  • Minimizes the complexity of the production process compared to using robots

  • Improves the ease in which parts can be transferred into real-time inspection

  • Simplifies maintenance and repair

  • Maximize machine utilization

Free Stamping Process Guide

By asking yourself a few basic questions you can determine the type of automated transfer system to use to accomplish your production goals while staying within budget.

    F/R Mount 3 Axis Transfer

    This technology is useful in walking beam transfers and process load/unload robots as well as full three axis incremental transfer systems such as useful in stamping press operations.


    3 Axis Cartesian Movement

    When progressive dies are not conducive.


    Walking Beam Transfer

    Transfer separate sheet metal blanks, tubes and roll-formed sections between press and secondary operations like stacking, welding, continued stamping and part insertion.


    Process Load & Unload Robot

    Pick parts directly from the handling container and place the processed part back into a new handling container.